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You have discovered the most comprehensive cleaning team in Perth. It takes a strong attention to detail to give your home the clean that it deserves. Where our service stands out from our competitors’ is in these little things. Tasks such as wiping Venetian blinds, polishing switches and power points, dusting ceiling fans and cleaning out window tracks are our specialty. These are just some examples of the aspects of cleaning that are often neglected over years. Renters usually deem these problem areas as being too inconvenient, and figure they will probably be moving out soon anyway. It only takes a few months for these areas to start getting really dirty. Once this happens, a quick once over with a feather duster simply will not cut it. Get in touch with our team to arrange a popular vacate cleaning appointment in Perth and lift the burden from your shoulders.

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Our customers make the most of our flexible service. While we most regularly perform a full house clean, we are also happy to help you out with just a room or two. Perhaps you think the bedrooms and living room are well presented, but are concerned about the mould in the bathroom and the rust in the kitchen. This service is ideal for renters who are confident in their own general cleaning abilities, but need a little extra help as the deadline approaches. Wet areas always take longer to clean, and few people have the time required to do them justice.

The exact fees involved with these partial services will vary slightly according to the size of the room. We charge a $40 hourly rate with a two hour minimum service. Bathrooms tend to take one hour, whereas if you want us to tackle your kitchen or all of your windows, these services tend to take two to three hours. Efficient bond cleaning in Perth doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Feel free to give us a call and chat about your cleaning needs and we can offer you an accurate quote.

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Your carpet is the area that is most likely going to betray you to your landlord or real estate agent. If carpets have not been adequately maintained, then it is a tough feat to reverse the effects. Light coloured carpet in particular is vulnerable to dirt smudges and stains. Perhaps you have been using rugs in some rooms, only to begin preparing for the move and realise that the surrounding carpet has discoloured. This is a common problem, and something that vacuuming alone cannot fix. Vacuuming simply lifts some of the dust from the surface layer of the carpet; however it misses deeper dirt as well as having no effect on embedded stains. The solution is to turn to steam cleaning, which uses heat to dampen the area and lift these tough stains, as well as sanitising the area. Prices start from as little as $80, and we offer discount rates when purchased in combination with our other successful end of lease cleaning services in Perth.