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Exit Clean Perth is your knight in shining armour when it comes to presenting End Of Lease Cleaning Pertha picture perfect house to your landlord or agent. Perhaps you’ve been neglecting your duties for quite some time, or just have too much on your plate at the moment to perform that spring clean that is long overdue. Whether you lack the time or the motivation, the fact is that making a good impression is a big deal, and failure to do so can have some serious negative consequences. Landlords and real estate agents wait for no one, and don’t respond well to excuses. If you’ve got an inspection deadline fast approaching, then contact our experienced exit cleaning company in Perth to book an appointment.

Don’t risk a hurried exit cleaning job in Perth

Exit Cleaning PerthAn amateur or rushed cleaning job is obvious from a mile away, especially to an inspector who knows what to look for and where to look. They will inspect on a regular, if not daily, basis, and so will be acutely aware of your last minute efforts. A quick wipe down of the bench top and a mop of the floor will do little to conceal your sins. All it will take is one swipe of the window sill, a peek in the shower or looking behind a door to reveal what has really been going on.
An end of lease inspection is more important than your standard rental inspections every few months. In these routine visits, your agent is only checking that there is no structural damage or urgent cleaning issues that need to be addressed. They might not be happy if there are weeds in the garden, but the worst consequence is going to be a warning to cut them next time. They’re also not going to care if you’ve got clothes lying around. When they are inspecting with the sole purpose of putting the house back on the market however, they are going to be extremely picky in making sure everything is in pristine conditions so they can ask top dollar.

Trust a professional house cleaning team in Perth

Let us show you how your home could look after a deep clean. Bond Cleaning PerthWhen our team is through, you’ll be amazed at the colour of the tiles, the shine on every surface and the feeling of freshnessin the air. After you’ve lived in a less than clean house for some time, you can forget what it was once like. Our professionals know exactly what miracle products and ingenious techniques to use to get the best results in a short time frame. Be sure to impress your landlord, receive your full bond returned, and get a glowing rental reference. From top to bottom, there will be no nook or cranny overlooked during our thorough house cleaning service in Perth.

Even with regular cleaning, there is no doubt that dust and grime will slowly gather in those neglected spots. Our premium exit cleaning routine in Perth leaves everything feeling brand new. For example, when was the last time you cleaned the inside of your dishwasher in the kitchen, or the exhaust fan vents in the bathroom? We know what landlords look for.

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